IMD CHINA CO.,LTD is leader in the manufacturing of High Frequency X-ray monoblocks for 'C'-arms and X-ray Mobile Units all over China.

The I.M.D.other  products (Generators, Mobile Units, 'C'-arms) are present all over the world with their own trade mark or with the trade marks of many manufacturers they are produced for in O.E.M.: Europe, Middle East, India, South-East Asia, China, South America, etc.

IMD CHINA CO.,LTD. is an Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) established in Jun.2004 in Beijing,China,invested by an Italian leading company that manufacture X-ray equipment. Thanks to the experiences of management and production that IMD provided, IMD China could meet the increasing requests for top quality products, compliant with more and more severe standards, and have been able to develop successfully their development action in the market.

IMD China has obtained significant recognition with the company certifications ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003. Moreover the respect of the product applicable standards is guaranteed by the CE marking N° 0051, certified by IMQ as a notified body. 

Our  main goal is to improve constantly the quality and reliability of its products and of its own organization, pursuing a better co-operation with its OEM partners and creating personalization which may satisfy more and more market demands

Our concept is producing equipments in China with European know how.